Battling Decay.. 

It’s been a while guys but honestly, I didn’t really have anything exciting or revolutionary to share.. but this- you’re going to want to see.. and maybe someone reading this is desperate for hope and healing like I was.

: This blog is of my own personal experience and opinion. This opinion is not forced by a company nor is it made in exchange for any form of compensation. I have written this of my own thoughts in hope of helping someone ❤

Oral Healthcare has always been important to me.. but it seemed that no matter how much I brushed, flossed, etc- it was never enough. I’ve been told my Grandma had dentures at a very early age.. and as much as I love her, I didn’t want to follow her steps this time. I can remember getting 4 cavities filled at the age of 4 and always being told I wasn’t brushing enough or my gums needed more attention,  etc.  I’ve had my teeth sealed, braces and extensive dental care to prevent an early oral healthe declined.. So… I tried every latest “great toothpaste”.. I tried every new device meant to offer the closest and best smile, ever. I tried natural remedies and OTC miracle drugs.. and guess what? NONE WORKED.

When my oldest had to have oral surgery at the age of 4, I realize that my bad oral luck had passed on to at least one of my kids. We brush his teeth, religiously. We had kids floss and mouthwash.. but it still wasn’t enough for him. I knew we had to figure something out or find something.  But what? I felt like I’d exhausted every avenue in this department and I was just revisiting old streets. I felt absolutely helpless. I didn’t want to curse my sons with this nightmare and was determined to find a solution to give them a better life.
So fast forward a little over a year from his surgery, add in hundreds of soft drinks,  many nights of stress and sugary treats and *it happened*. It happened so gradually that I honestly didn’t realize it was happening until it was nearly too late. My gums receded so much you could literally see the bottom of my teeth. The decay was real. My gums were disappearing,  the teeth were turning black and dying. I was so mortified. (Side note: I’m a pretty positive Patty. I’m always smiling and always looking for the good in things. I am overly optimistic.. so my smile being black was so hard for me. I was too insecure to smile at others and it just took a huge emotional toll.) I kept my struggle to myself for the most part, only Shawn knew how bad things were and it was obvious it was because he was home every night and could see me obsessing in my mouth and my declining attitude.

So I started looking more into things I can try, and I’m not sure why it took so long to figure out, but I’m glad it finally clicked! My oils! Let’s be honest, I know so many of you are still skeptical- and I get that- at one time, I was, too! But here me out, oils saved my mouth.

I called the dentist accepted on my network and they told me I could be seen in April AT THE EARLIEST! My oils were my Hail Mary, literally.
I started researching what I had at home and immediately started trying different things. I finally found some good ones that seemed to be helping: Thieves, Rosemary, Eucalyptus Globulus & Frankincense.

  • Thieves: helps with tooth pain, gum infection, anti-septic.
  • Rosemary: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, improved blood flow, boost immune system, natural mouthwash
  • Eucalyptus Globulus: boosts immune system, improves/stimulates blood circulation
  • Frankincense: fights oral infection, anti-inflammatory,  disinfecting pain reliever,  stimulates immune system to heal

After about a week, my gums went from black to pink and the bleeding seemed less frequent. I was impressed to say the least.

Since my oils seemed to be coming in clutch, I decided to take the next step and commit to their toothpaste: Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste. I was feeling rather impatient so I put a calling out in my Oils group  and it was answered by a dear friend, Erica.

I started the Aromabright and after a few days,  I could feel my gums healing. How can you feel healing?  My mouth felt so much better. Gum irritation decreased, the pinkness in my gums flourished and I could feel growth in my gums.

Now, I have two regrets on this journey.

  1.  I regret not finding it sooner.
  2. I reget not taking “before” pictures sooner. I was so blinded by embarrassment that I didn’t even consider that I’d look back and want to see how far I progressed.

I never actually planned to share this story but I stumbled across a post that ended up turning into a discussion with friends who were actually struggling with similar problems. It was there that I realized I could actually help someone battling a problem that had caused me so much heartache. My teeth are far from perfect and nowhere near close to being “fixed”- but I know I’m on the right path and giving myself the best oral care possible until I can see my dentist.
Below is a photo taken just 3 days apart. The proof is in the pictures. I can blabber all day but you cannot deny what you see with your own eyes.

Please feel free to reach out to me if I can be of any assistance to you. ❤


To Love Him Better.. 

You know how they say “always trust your gut“.. and “Mom knows best“..Well, since Greyson was 2, I’ve dabbled with the idea that he would eventually be diagnosed with ADHD. I get that “boys will be boys” and “he’s just a child with energy and curiousity“.. but this was more than that. He was the classic textbook definition of attention deficit and hypreactivity. When I first spoke of it with my husband, he was totally against the idea. See, Shawn had very little interaction with children up until having his own so a lot of children’s illnesses were still super taboo to him. Fear of the unknown, if you will. It caused a few waves in our marriage but only because I felt alone in the matter until Shawn agreed to be a bit more open minded to the idea.. I didn’t want a diagnosis that day, just to explore ways we could play better and understand better so that we could help Greyson thrive. I mean, at that point, the worst that could happen is that we played sensory games with our young, developing child.

Well now he’s 5. And Shawn has come around to the idea after diving into research and seeing how different sensory games and toys always go over better with Greyson than stuff that just completely overwhelms and over stimulates his mind.  

If I’m being totally honest, I didn’t mind if something was wrong with him. Of course every parent wants for their child to be healthy at all cost.  For us, I wanted him to be healthy, but if there was something wrong, I wanted to know. It would never change how I love him expect that I could learn how to understand so that we could love him better. 

At his wellness check, his pedatrician agreed with us that he, too, suspected ADHD for a while. Now, here’s why I love this doctor: he didn’t automatically force us to toss him on medication and call it a day. He sent us home with paperwork and options. We follow up in 6 months to see how things progress but we are able to try natural methods to help him instead of creating more side effects just jumping into medicine for such a tiny body. 

**now, let me stress, if he needs medicine, we’re not against it. If we try all options and they fail, we will do what we need to do to ensure he is happy, healthy and loved. So please understand, I judge no one who chooses medicine, I just worry about him being so young and wanted to explore something that had less side effects if it worked.** 

 Our first idea was something filled with structure and discipline.  We started this back in January with MMA. We found the most amazing MMA school for what Greyson was needing in his life. He’s come far from where he was before beginning at Gladiators Academy but we still have some ways to go. The structure and discipline has helped curb some of his impulsive behaviors. He’s come very far in learning morals, discipline and has drastically improved in respect. 

Our second idea was to try essential oil blends. I should note,  I don’t take oils lightly, tons of research goes into making a blend in my house. So the search for the perfect blend for Greyson started. I know oils are not “one size fits all” so my job was cut out for me. I tried a various assortment of diffusing blends, inhaler blends and roller balls.  I saw some success but not nearly what I was looking for as far as relief goes. 

I finally decided that maybe my method of delivery wasn’t efficient. I’m not the most seasoned oiler out there so I decided to change up my usual approaches. So, one morning, I wake up a post on FB that would drastically change my life. Alycee LeBlanc, a friend from high school, shared a paracord bracelet she’d made for her son– and it *clicked*. The colors, the pattern, the material. This is it! This is how I’m going to oil him

And thus this blend was born.. 

As usual, I’m going to share why I chose the oils that I did…

  • Lavender – Lavender is such a versatile oil, it’s amazing.  Lavender oil helps promote relaxation and eases tension. I was hopeful the lavender component to the blend would help him “hit the brakes” some.
  • Frankincense – Frankincense relieves stress, uplifts one’s mood and assists in combating anxiety and stress. I was worried if I slammed the brakes and didn’t ease his mind at the same time, I’d cause other problems, so I took anxiety into account. 
  • Peace & Calming II – This blend smells heavenly and offers a calming effect. It also uplifts the spirit while promoting relaxation and peace. ADHD and depression are linked and I’m taking no chances. Remember,  my goal is happy and healthy. 
  • Valor II – Liquid Courage, in a sense. Valor II is an amazing oil that instills feeling of strength and courage. I didn’t want to take away his spunk. Greyson has such a bold and free spirited personality and I wanted to keep that about him. I never want him to lose that spirit and happiness. 
  • Cedarwood – Cedarwood oil is extremely high in sesquiterpenes. Sesquiterpene is a chemical compound known to stimulate brain function and help the body reprogram old genetic patterns into healthier ones. 
  • Copaiba – Copaiba is a fascinating oil in that not only does it do its own amazing things, it’s a magnifier. This means it magnifies the effects of other oils. It also aids in managing anxiety. 

And last, but possibly the most important part to this blend: 

  • Vetiver – Vetiver is known as the “Oil of Tranquility“. It is taken from the dried roots of grassy vetiver plant. Vetiver is a grounding oil that reduces anxiety, stress and nervous tension. It is a grounding oil that promoted restful sleep. Vetiver oil aids in rediscovering homeostatis after emotional trauma*(see note below) and shock. It soothes the central nervous system and manages compulsive behavior.  Multiple studies have been taken using Vetiver to treat ADHD and it’s proven itself to relieve symptoms associated with ADHD.

*in 2015, our home was unlawfully entered, several things damaged such as doors being forced open or opened incorrectly. Thankfully, it was not worse, it’s past us, things have improved and all has been settled legally. However, we happened to come home at the time of the event and this made for a very long evening but an even longer emotional trauma for Greyson. This benefit of Vetiver speaks to me because, although he is getting over it in his own time, it brings me great happiness to provide an oil that will also help with that emotional healing. 
So I applied this blend to his paracord and sent him on his way to play. See, everytime he pushed his arm back and forth, back and forth, he would inhale the aromas of this blend. I was hoping that the constant inhalation would work as an ‘extended release’ effect. I was right! 

There were no arguments over supper, his toys were picked up without having to be asked. His attention span longer than I’d ever seen in his tiny, precious life. He was able to focus, to self entertain and to control his usual impulsive behaviors.  

 If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I never would have believed it. The transformation was truly day and night. 

So far, this oil has been heaven sent. I know time will have to be the true test.. but for now, we’ve found a way to help Greyson remain Greyson but also enjoy so much more without all of the anxiety.

Now, let me stress, oils are a tricky thing. There are no set “one size helps all” blends. It can take numerous times to figure out what works best for you. If you’re dabbling with oils and it doesn’t seem to work at first, KEEP TRYING

In the end, my goal remains. I only want to understand my children as best as I can so that I can love them the best way possible. I want to help them thrive and succeed. I want them happy and healthy. I can only hope this journey opens new opportunities for him as his mind grows, absorbs more knowledge and he becomes more independent each day. 

Sensory Pillows & Hope.

At Greyson’s recent wellness check, we dabbled with the idea of ADHD with his pediatrician. He’s pretty textbook for symptoms but no official diagnosis is to be made until school teachers see it, too. Being the proactive Mom I am, I started researching things like sensory aids, ways of eating, etc. Of course, we started using Vetiver and other essential oils but I wanted more hands on, too. 

Sensory toys are amazing for children with Autism, ADHD, anxiety.. Sensory toys improve the child’s daily functuous and improves the way they learn and develop. It does this by changing brain interactions to touch, sound, sight and movements. Even small amounts of sensory play can enhance a child’s ability to absorb information.  
I also found that weighted blankets and/or toys are very beneficial. Weight in a blanket/toy provide pressure to receptors throughout the body.

The pressure helps the body relax. Weighted toys help to feel safe and secure, like a warm hug would. 

After pricing sensory and weighted toys, I was so discouraged at the pricing.  I understand why.. but it was definitely out of our budget for the time being. So I took to trusty Pinterest and found some ideas.  
Cue two weeks later, I’m strolling through Walmart and I stumble across Mermaid pillows… and mermaid tablet covers. You know, those neat flip sequins fabric items. It dawns on me for a DIY. I saw some blankets where they would sew in.. and toys where they would stuff.. surely this could work? 

So I couldn’t pass up the idea.. or the deal. The mermaid tablet cover was on sale for $2.50 at my local Walmart!  I picked up glass marble beads at our DollarTree, along with some sand, duct tape and zip lock bags. I got enough to make 2. Monkey see, Monkey Do. Surely Gage would want to mimic big brother! 

I calculated how much weight would be needed to be beneficial for each boy.

I found several sources that suggest occupational therapist recommend 10% of the child’s body weight + 1 to 2 lbs. 

I used the sand and glass beads to full zip loc backs. I did a half and half mixture because I wanted them weighted but not super lumpy. Once I had the bags filled, I sealed the edges of the bags. Sand can get a bit messy and I didn’t want it all over the house if the case cover were somehow opened. 

After I had them sealed, I grabbed some old t-shirts. I wish I’d taken a photo at this stage, but I forgot. I laid each bag side by side flat on the t-shirt and rolled it up. This added some extra cushion. The GREAT thing about the tablet covers were they were pre-sewn, had a zipper already, a carrying rope and the backside was a super soft velvet. Two textures for a low cost. 

After the weighted bags were rolled safely into the old t-shirt, I tucked them into the tablet sleeve and zipped it up, Easy-Peasy! I’m sure you could sew different fabrics for different textures or even mermaid fabric on both side.. sewing just isn’t my strong suit so I took a short cut. 

After finishing pillow/toy 1, I called Greyson and Shawn over to check it out and almost instantly got smiles of approval. I may or may not have snuck some Young Living in there, too. A cotton sheet of Vetiver,  Lavender,  Valor II, Peace & Calming II happened to find its way inside the sleeve.

 Greyson had been playing with the mermaid texture about a week before I could actually do the weights due to the Katana incident. He’d even “drawn” Baymax from Big Hero 6 for hid Dad earlier this too help his “booboo”. 

So, funny story, as I look down  to work on Gage’s pillow, Shawn was taking Greyson’s for a “test drive”. I looked up and managed to sneak this gem. Enjoy! 

It took me about 30 minutes, max, to finish both. The family has been enjoying them since! 

They are officially kid tested, husband approved!  I can only hope this is the beginning of finding a journey that helps us better teach Greyson with methods that are beneficial to him. 

Katana: 1 | Husband: 0.

If I’m being totally honest, the last 3 or so weeks have been a glimpse of what I envision hell to resemble.  

My youngest has been sick and battled his 2nd bought with Hand, Foot & Mouth Virus.. my oldest has just been more rebellious than ever, I threw together a party for the both of them and overall just stayed consistently busy with “out of the normal” situations that kept popping up. 

If I’m being totally honest, I felt like a total basketcase. In most instances, I didn’t know whether or not I was coming or going. 

Something had to give.. I hit my knees in prayers for peace and comfort and then I heard the whisper.. oils. Do you realize why I cling to oils in my prayers?  Jesus gave us the plants, herbs and means to distill these natural reliefs. I prayed, I let go and I let God.. and then I got up and made myself an inhaler. 
I pulled out a cotton wick and quickly went to work going through my oils. I dropped a few drops of this, added a few drops of that, sealed the inhaler and voila, Stress Buster. I love inhalation deliverance of oils because it’s so effective.  Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!  

Remember 22:2:20. Oils can reach the brain in 22 seconds, they can be detected in the bloodstream in 2 minutes and they affect every cell in the body at 20 minutes. My rule of thumb for my house is that if the oil is not needed topically- INHALE! Inhalation is amazingly effective because the oil vapors are taken in through the olfactory bulb and the aroma is sent to the center of the limbic system (brain). From there, it is processed and released into the entire body.

Okay, so the stress buster. I bet you’re wondering what was in it?  And where in the heck does the katana come in, right!? Don’t worry, it’s coming! 
So the good stuff consist of: 

  • Spearmint: I chose spearmint because it assists in improving concentration as well as provides relief from stress and headaches. 
  • Cedarwood: This is a good go-to oil for me. It aids in relieving anxiety and nervous tension while stimulating the limbic system of the brain.
  • Frankincense: It’s truly rare you’ll find a blend I create without Frank. For this particular blend, Frank was great for headaches, anxiety and trauma. 
  • Peppermint: Peppermint is pretty commonly used under my roof, too. My for stress buster, I relied on peppermint to ease discomfort from the pain of the headaches caused by the stress. 
  • Stress Away: This name sort of speaks for itself as a no brainer. It provides a peaceful and tranquil feeling and helps you focus. 
  • Peace & Calming II: This oil was a necessity to this blend to help calm me before the anxiety and stress was out of control. P&CII helps uplift the spirit and the aroma offers a feeling of peace. 
  • Valor II: Valor II was the last addition to my wick but certainly not the least. Valor inspires strength and courage.  I can’t speak for everyone else, but for me, when I get stressed I tend to blame myself for totally random things even out of my control. Valor II elevates the self esteem to work through the stress and conquer that obstacle.  

So there it is, my saving grace. The beautiful oils given to this world by my God.. and the wisdom to understand the oils to improve my situation.  
Despite using my inhaler a week or so by now, I knew this recipe was a sure fit for me Monday night. My husband received a beautiful katana from a friend. Heavy weight, sharp as can be, breathtaking handle. My husband collects weaponry, katanas being his absolute favorite.  So Monday night, he decided to check it out while our kids were sleeping, admire the details.  

Great intentions executed poorly. He proceeds to check it out while standing in the midst of our dog’s runner wire. So, as he is checking out his new collectors piece, something spooks Nina who then wraps him up in the cord..tripping him; sword in hand. The sword lacerated his wrist, just missing the major vein and tendons of the area. His guardian angel was absolutely protecting him in that moment. He was able to leave the hospital the next morning with only stitches and a few prescriptions. Literally the Grace of God. 

BUT back to the stress buster, right? So our two young boys were in bed when this happened meaning I had to stay behind with them- or risk waking them for a long and miserable night. The neighbor went with Shawn while I held down the fort. 

So flashback to the time of the incident: I paced,  I cried. I panicked. Was this the last time I’d kiss my husband goodbye and see him off? The laceration was pretty deep, part of the arm cut off. Is he going to bleed out? I literally shoved the inhaler up my nose and just took several deep breaths for what seemed like forever. My pacing must have been noisier than I remember though, because my oldest son woke and started crying cause his Dad was gone. Thanks to my prayers and my Stress Buster Inhaler,  I was able to remain calm and comfort him. I reacted rationally and focused on all possible outcomes and recovery plans. I kept it together– which is something I otherwise don’t do. 

So if things seem out of control in your life, might I suggest hitting your knees to the ground– and making your own inhaler. 

Stress Buster: Katana injury tested; JOGblog approved. 

Ps. I feel like I owe it to you all to tell you that as I was saving the katana and taking a photograph to share with you all, it bit my finger and I’m now not only the nurse- but a new patient.  I truly don’t think I like this thing one bit. 
PPS. Day 1 in the books since the stitches were applied and one has already popped. This is going to be a long recovery. May need another inhaler soon to rotate. 

Big Dog Relief..

My first son was healthy as an ox. Breastfed until he self weaned at 11 months and then never sick. My second son.. not so much. I’ve seen a doctor enough that they should put a permanent room just for us. So I’ve been researching oils to help him while avoiding other dreaded side effects. 
Recently, his respiratory system has gotten out of control, starting with a bought of walking pneumonia then leading to agitated sinuses.  As someone with chronic illnesses, I didn’t want my children to grow up on pharmaceuticals that only caused other side effects so we gave Young Living Essential Oils a try. 
So Gage was scripted several medicines to try and combat his illnesses but I wasn’t impressed with them. He stilled coughed constantly, consistent runny nose and easily irritated from discomfort.  This was the perfect time to try my hands at mixing a salve to try and provide him better relief. 

This mixture has been our absolute saving grace. It took some fine tuning but my sweet boy has relief from respiratory issues otherwise left untreated by prescribed medicines. 

By now, I hope you’re asking “why these oils!?” Don’t worry, I’m going to tell you! 

R.C. is a great oil for respiratory issues. It supports the immune systems, lungs and sinuses. R.C. helps maintain healthy lung function, as well as lessens congestion and mucus. 

Lemon has such a fresh, citrus-y scent that helps with air purification, it aids soothe sore throats and the common cold. Lemon is also a great antioxidant.  

Peppermint is a fabulous oil for cold and cough.  

Eucalyptus Globulus is a cough suppressant  (and coughing was Gage’s kryptonite). It helps reduce respiratory issues as well as aids in relief of a sore throat.

Cypress helps improve lung efficiency and lends such a great outdoorsy scent. 

Oregano is a very versatile and big dog oil. I knew it had to be a key ingredient in my concoction.  Oregano helps enhance and support the immune system. It has great antioxidant properties. 

Thieves is great as a cough syrup and providing sore throat relief. 

And last, but certainly not least, is lavender. Lavender is a great oil to provide relief from symptoms of allergies. It also helps you relax to get better rest and it’s no secret that rest is key to your overall health. 

We’ve been testing this salve for a few months now and it’s been absolutely heaven sent. 

We apply it to the back, chest, throat and bottom of the feet each night. Coughing cease to exist and the quality of sleep Gage gets has drastically improved. His overall respiratory issues are clearing up and we no longer give the prescribed medicines. 

If you’re on the fence about giving oils a try, tell me why? Let’s talk! What is their to lose? 

Cinco de Mayo Hustle

So it’s no secret I crave delicious Mexican cuisine regularly. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have diseases that make weight loss difficult but I LOVE me some food. Mexican and Chinese, in particular. My family is unique.. we have small Christmas and those sort of holidays but we go all out for cultural holidays like St. Patrick’s Day & Cinco de Mayo. Why? Well,  we love the diversity and the history they offer of our diverse sisters and brothers, neighbors, friends and family that we have. 
So why was Cinco de Mayo different this year? Because this year, I’m determined. I meal prepped all keto meals last week but wanted to splurge.. just a tad. Come on, flour tortillas.. corn tortillas.. who am I kidding!!? There was no way I could enjoy Cinco, right??? ORRRR was there!?

 I managed to pull of making last minute keto “tortillas”.. And, while not my traditional Cinco celebration, I managed to squeeze in a workout with my training partner. 

This set me up for a great start to my weekend. We had a ton to do. My husband had to be away at this second job, my boys were missing their dad and in rare form and I had a birthday party to plan. Well, I still do. Hi there, Procrastination!  

I decided to throw together an awesome oil blend in an inhaler for my oldest. I know some of his acting out is totally just being a kid.. and there’s a portion that is just because his dad has to be away.. but I suspect he may have ADHD. So I used an oil blend commonly used to treat that but also just helps with mental clarity, focus, grounding, anxiety. I try my best to see that the boys get adequate time with their Dad though,  so being the super cool and amazing Mom & Wife that I am, I sent both husband and DS1 (dear son 1) off to Golden Gloves National Finals Boxing.. ringside! 

This set me up a little bit of down time to get work done around the house, focus solely on my DS2 and just catch up on things I can’t do with 2 running around. This sounds way more relaxing than it really was because husband drove an hour from job 2 to meet DS1 at the event itself. My neighbor did me a huge favor and brought DS1 to his Dad because DS2 had HF&M Virus *blah*.

 Some days I feel like SuperMom.. this was not that day. 

I rounded my weekend off with Team Rescue and Restore.  We had an easy workout Sunday to prepare us for the gym grind of Monday. 

 I’m not sure if I’m doing life right. I feel sad more days than not. I feel anxious just about everyday. My PCOS has controlled my life for months. I feel trapped in my own thoughts. I’m doing the best I can, though, and that’s really all I can do. I KNOW things will get better, I just keep having to move through the hustle to get there. 

I’d be lying if I said I could take this journey without Jesus,  my oils (Young Living, of couse!) and the gym

Sorry for the media overload, these next few weeks are super busy. I want to stay active here but I know writings will be a little late going up. Hopefully I can compose something interesting for you guys and not just get all dull on you guys. 

Until then, don’t forget to take the time to JOG. 

Oils & Scripture. 

Training will be limited today.. we have a hell of a storm crashing through with tornados, high winds.. the works. My main priority today is keeping my children safe.

 The weather wasn’t terrible when we woke up, so I did my morning oil thing! I’ve been drinking a few drops Endoflex, Lemon & Grapefruit every morning.. sometimes changing things up slightly. Lemon is a great antioxidant that helps with anxiety and helps fight caffeine cravings.. that last one is critical. I’m trying to quit drinking sodas and it’s proving to be extremely difficult. The Endoflex is for brain fog, hormonal migraines and metabolism support. Grapefruit: helps boost weight loss, natural energizer, reduces sugar cravings. All that jazz to help cut some of the side effects of my Endo&PCOS.. 

And of course, after my oils, I reached out to my problem solver for this horrible weather.. if I’m being totally honest, I was scared like crazy.. but I kept it together for my husband and my children.  

I need this rain to go away so I can train a little more. I have a big season coming up in 2018, I don’t want to end up setting myself up for failure..